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Rio Tinto Alcan


Rio Tinto Alcan
Primary aluminum ingot



Aluminerie Alouette Inc.
Primary aluminum ingot



             Ametek logo


Ametek Metals
Thermal Spray metal powders and specialty alloy clad plate

ASK Chemicals


ASK Chemicals
Foundry chemicals: sand binder systems, mould coatings and mould releases, feeding systems, filters and metal treatment alloys.



         dupont belco


SO2 and PM scrubbers, eegenerative SO2 scrubbers, wet electronic precipitators, NOx control systems, third stage separators, semi-dry scrubbing systems


        Bernoulli logo


Bernoulli System
Self Cleaning  Industrial Water Filters. Provide simple, reliable, self-cleaning operation for protection of Plant cooling systems from low quality intake water.


             Briskheat logo


Industrial Flexible electrical surface heating equipment

carbo ceramics


Carbo Ceramics Inc.
Ceramic proppant and ceramic media


John Zink logo


John Zink Company LLC
COEN and TODD Low NOx Burner Systems & Combustion Equipment, duct burners, flame scanners, BMS, igniters, burners for kiln & biomass incinerators, SCRs


       Coorstek logo


CoorsTek Advanced Materials Hamilton Ceramics
Ceramics filter for cast iron


  Copes-Vulcan Logo   


Leading supplier of general service & severe duty control valves, turbine bypass valves and desuperheaters for the power, process and nuclear industries 



Dauber Company Inc.
Largest processor of metallurgical silicon carbide (SiC)




Duquesne Refractories Ltd.
Castables, plastics, mortars, washes, ramming mixes




Ervin Industries
AMASTEEL cast shot & grit




Exochem Corporation
Foundry products: riser sleeves, hot topping and ladle boards




Fairmount Minerals
Technisand, resin-coated and wedron silica sand



           Fedmet logo


Basic (MgO) and Alumina firebricks


         Gemcast logo


Gemcast Manufacturing Inc.
Custom ceramic fibre vacuum formed shaped and gaskets

green diamond


Green Diamond Sand Products
Ferrous and non-ferrous foundry sands




Heraeus Electro-Nite
Sensor technology for molten metal control




Inductotherm Corp.
Induction technology


ingot metal


Ingot Metal Company Limited
Brass and bronze primary ingot




Jayne Industries Inc.
Stainless steel anchors and hardware




Centrifugal Pumps: high pressure boiler feed water, boiler circulating, heat transfer, chemical, effluent, submersible





Larpen Metallurgical Services
Metallurgical graphite


          Maarky logo


Maarky Thermal Systems
steam surface condensers, feedwater heaters, heat exchangers, solar heat exchangers

morganite crucible


Morgan Molten Metal Systems
Crucibles, Ladle Bowls, Degassing Rotors, etc.



           Morgan Thermal Ceramics


Morgan Thermal Ceramics
Ceramic fibre products


        Nexson logo


Nexson Group
Spiral Plate Heat Exchangers, Green Spiral, Liquid-liquid Heat Exchanger, Biphasic Heat Exchanger, Sludge and biosolid treatment SPHE 

Nooter Eriksen Logo


The world’s leading independent supplier of natural circulation heat recovery steam generators behind gas turbines, including HRSGs for combined cycle power.



         Paratherm Logo


Paratherm Corporation
Heat Transfer Fluids



Pick Heaters, Inc.
Steam injection process heaters, constant flow, variable flow, sanitary
heaters, pre-packaged hot water systems, custom designs


prince minerals


Prince Minerals Inc.
Iron oxide, specialty sands



             Rentech Logo


Rentech Boiler Systems Inc.
Designs, manufacture and repair boilers in a variety of applications for the refining and petro-chemical industries, power generation and other industries

saint gobain


Saint-Gobain Ceramics Materials
Foundry metal filters: specialty ceramic shapes




Minimum flow recirculation valves for boiler feed pumps


sigma thermal


Sigma Thermal
Thermal fluid heating systems, direct fired convection heaters, radiant convective heaters, process bath heaters/vaporizers, glycol heaters. hot oil, regen gas heaters




Compact Brazed Heat Exchangers
Nickel-based brazed, all stainless brazed exchangers


Tranter logo



Heat Exchangers: spiral heat exchangers, plate & frame, welded plate, platecoil immersion exchangers, tank clamp-on platecoil, heat recovery banks



Thermafiber Inc.
K-Fac 19 insulating board


tinker omega


Tinker Omega Manufacturing LLC
Foundry equipment





Trialco Inc.
Secondary aluminum ingot