Abrasive Cleaning/ Profiling Supplies

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We supply a variety of abrasive profiling supplies from companies such as Vulcan Technologies Inc., Abrasive Materials Inc., and Ervin Industries Inc..  The range of our products include:

  • Cast stainless steel shot
  • Stainless steel cut wire
  • High chromium cast iron
  • Cast steel shot and grit
  • Aluminum and zinc cut wire
  • Stainless steel / cast steel shot peening


There are a variety of applications for these materials, the most common of which include:

  • Metals profiling
  • Stone cutting
  • Blast cleaning, metals preparation
  • Profiling of paving stones
  • Shot peening

Features and Benefits

When you purchase your abrasive supplies through Inproheat Industries Ltd. you can be assured of excellence in compliance, service, expertise, and time- sensitive delivery. Our suppliers are leaders in their industries - providing the highest quality products formulated for, and best suited to, your particular application

Our suppliers are all ISO approved and meet all relevant standards including SAE and MIL specs.