Heat Treat Furnaces

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Inproheat provides superior heat treat solutions for batch or continuous furnace and oven type processes. Our furnaces and heat treat equipment products can easily satisfy your needs, whether you use or require Car Bottom, or Stationary Hearth furnaces.


  • Steel and Foundry Industry
  • Heat Treating
  • Stress Relief
  • Normalizing
  • Tempering

Features and Benefits

Our furnaces are natural gas-fired with Excess Air Pyronics burners and switches, to ratio firing at 1200 º F, complete with computerized control systems; including 99 heat-treat or stress-relieve programs, which can be easily modified to specific applications.

Start-ups and shutdowns are fully automated. Safety control equipment includes:

Sens-a-Flame II ® with ultraviolet flame detectors
Pneumatic sand and door seals
Electric powered car
Products of combustion are circulated to maximize convective heat transfer and fuel efficiencies. The strategic location of the flue ports included with our design assures the lowest temperature differential throughout the furnace - maintaining accurate temperature control.

Our furnaces are lined with Thermal Ceramics PYRO BLOC fibre modules for high-energy efficiencies.