Heat Exchangers

Tranter Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers
Tranter Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers
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The task of a Heat Exchanger is to transfer heat from one flow of medium (fluid/gas) to another - without any physical contact i.e. without actually mixing the two media. Heat transfer takes place through the thermally conductive material used to separate the two media, one cold and the other hot. Efficiency is controlled by the intricacies of the flow relationships between the two, and a wide range of configurations is available. An alternative method of heat transfer is steam-injection where steam mixes directly with the process fluid. Inproheat's team of thermal process engineering professionals will provide a high degree of experience and expertise in helping you determine the most effective method of heat transfer and configurations for your application.


Typical applications include

  • Liquid to liquid cooling
  • Liquid to steam cooling
  • Liquid to refrigerant
  • Gas-to-liquid
  • Gas-to-gas
  • Steam-to-liquid
  • Slurry, Emulsion, Produced water

Features and Benefits

Inproheat carries a range of heat exchanger products which includes a choice of materials to suit your application. As well, many models are available with a variety of options offering a broad selection of types, designs, sizes, flow channel configurations, and port or nozzle connections to suit almost any application.