Odorizer/Pressure Let-Down Stations

All equipment mounted on a rugged structural steel skid with secondary fluid con
Odorizer photo 1
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The Odorizer/Pressure Let-Down Station is a skid-mounted package that takes inlet unodorized natural gas, incorporates the mercaptan-based odor, and pressure regulates it to the desired outlet set pressure for distribution.


Installed at industrial camp sites where odorized natural gas is required for equipment with a consistent capacity of thousands of personnel.

Features and Benefits

  • All equipment mounted on a rugged structural steel skid with secondary fluid containment and an elevated operator structural platform (Odorizer photo 1).
  • Electrical controls systems and control panels enclosed inside a heated and ventilated electrical building with a fire detection system (Odorizer photo 2).
  • Main equipment enclosed inside a heated and ventilated maintenance building with a gas monitoring system (Odorizer photo 3).
  • Separator vessel system to filter out condensate for clean outlet natural gas (Odorizer photo 4).
  • Inlet ESD shut-off valve to isolate the entire station during emergency shut-down (Odorizer photo 5).
  • Operating and bypass regulator-loop piping lines to permit continuous operation during maintenance periods (Odorizer photo 6).
  • Slam-shut valves to isolate the system in case of pressure regulator failure (Odorizer photo 7).
  • Methanol injection system to allow for continuous station operation during electric line heater maintenance (Odorizer photo 8).
  • Normal operation conducted with minimal operator monitoring.
  • All pressure-retaining equipment is ASME certified and CRN registered.