Refractory Materials


A refractory is a material which stubbornly resists softening, fusion, the action of fluxes and slags, and other effects, physical and chemical, of high temperatures.

We provide a wide range of heavy duty and insulation products designed to provide custom solutions for thermal management challenges. These are available as bricks, boards, mortars, castables, blankets, modules, paper, bulk products, plastics, and numerous specialty products.


Refractories are used wherever heat is utilized and high temperatures are encountered and contained. Heat intensive applications such as furnace linings and thermal barriers are typical.

These heat treatment and containment products have been used for high technology applications in automotive, aerospace and industrial environments, however design engineers find innovative new applications daily for these thermal management solutions.

Features and Benefits

  • Low thermal conductivity
  • High resistance to thermal shock
  • Some types will offer superior resistance to abrasion, chemical corrosion or erosion
  • Some types will offer superior structural strength or resistance to pressure or stress