Steel Making and Smelting Supplies


Inproheat's line of products has been carefully chosen to satisfy almost every need of the steelmaking industry. Product categories in this area include furnaces, refractory supplies for furnace ladle and crucible linings; finishing / polishing supplies and equipment, crucibles / ladles, molten metal handling equipment, pouring tubes, sleeves and risers, measurement, analysis and process control equipment, filters, chemicals and alloys    
industrial heat & combustion.


Used in all aspects of the steelmaking industry from refining and smelting to metallurgical and process control to steel-based product manufacturing.

Features and Benefits

Inproheat carries a range of products suited to almost every steelmaking need and application. If you don't see what you need, please ask. Our highly skilled and experienced engineers are capable of either recommending the best available product for your application or providing you with a superior custom designed solution.