Submerged Combustion - Introduction to SubCom®

SubCom Submerged Combustion Industrial Liquid Heating and Evaporation System
SubCom® submerged combustion liquid heating system
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Our patented SubCom technologies were developed to handle clean, dirty and corrosive fluid heating and evaporative processes. Suitable for unattended operation in remote locations these systems do not require a certified operator. They offer a cost effective alternative to boiler / heat exchanger systems and direct steam injection.

At Inproheat Industries, we chose submerged combustion for many installations we designed over the years because we believed it would work, it was more responsible, and it delivered better efficiencies that would result in cost savings for our clients. Through practical application and controlled testing in our own facilities we developed proprietary systems and processes that make it possible to use submerged combustion in applications that had not been considered before. All of our SubCom installations have exceeded expectations. In addition, the continuous product improvements over the years make this technology the most responsible and most efficient industrial solution heating process available.

Submerged combustion is used to heat or evaporate liquids and slurries, with efficiencies up to 99%. Other typical industrial liquid heating systems reach only 80% efficiency. SubCom systems operate with low pressure, and are inherently safe. Fully automatic, they are very well suited for use in remote locations without an operator attending.

The patented design features ensure there is very little maintenance required. This further enhances the cost efficiencies and return on investment of these systems.

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