Schroeder Valves - SSV series
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Compensating bypass check valves are devices used to protect pumps against damage that may occur as a result of a partial evaporation of the pump content when it is operated under low load. Each compensating bypass check valves is specially designed for the required pump and system data.

Features and Benefits

Schroeder Valve fittings guarantee low system and operating costs. The compensating bypass check valves ensure automatic venting of pumps during maintenance, when they are not in operation.

The drive and motor capacity can be significantly lower, which in turn has a positive effect on energy consumption and the system costs.

  • Lower energy consumption results in lower system costs
  • Automatic safeguarding of the required minimum flow rate of the pump
  • Integrated non-return Valves in the main flow and minimum volume pipes
  • Automatic venting of pumps not in operation
  • Lower NPSH value of the system (NPSHA) and the pump (NPSHR)
  • More cost-effective pump design (smaller size, no special version required for a low NPSHR value)
  • Lower flow rate at the operating point as a result of automatic closure of the minimum volume pipe
  • Lower drive/motor capacity