Wet SOx Flue Gas Scrubbing Systems (EDV)

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Technical Specification

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Longer operating campaigns and little regulatory tolerance for emission excursions mean today’s petroleum refining processes demand more than traditional emission control technologies can deliver.

DuPont™ BELCO® EDV® Wet Scrubbing technologies bring proven refinery performance to every application. In widespread use for controlling FCCU (Fluid Cat Cracking Units) emissions during multiple-year operating campaigns, EDV® Wet Scrubbing systems operate without outage requirements or emission excursions. EDV® Wet Scrubbing systems are in use worldwide, controlling flue gas particulate and SO2 and NOx emissions from FCCUs, refinery incinerators, fired heaters, boilers and other industrial applications.

"NPD" No Pressure Drop design available. The only system which can achieve very high efficiency even at a zero pressure drop.


• Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU) Regenerators
• Fired Heaters
• Crude Distillation Units
• Refinery Incinerators
• Power Boilers