LABSORB Regenerative SO2 Scrubbing System

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Technical Specification

DuPont BELCO Technical Library
LABSORB Regenerative SO2 Scrubber Papers



The patented LABSORB™ process removes SO2 from a gas flow for emission control, while minimizing the costs of wet scrubbing. It also nearly eliminates scrubber water discharge normally associated with wet scrubbing systems.

With LABSORB™, the scrubbing reagent (buffer) is regenerated for reuse, while at the same time recovering a high concentration stream of SO2 (90+%) as a byproduct for use in other processes. The recovered SO2 can be used as additional process feed for existing sulfur recovery units (SRU) and/or sulfuric acid plants. With further processing, it can be sold as commercial-grade liquid SO2, sulfuric acid or elemental sulfur, all products widely used in the fertilizer, refining, chemical, pulp and paper industries.

With large commercial installations in the United States and in Europe, the LABSORB™ process is highly flexible and can be used to remove SO2 from various flue gas sources, while meeting the most stringent emission regulations. LABSORB™ is most economical when cleaning flue gases with high SO2 concentrations; the higher the SO2  level, the more it saves.


• FCCU Regenerators
• Sulfur Recovery Units
• Sulfuric Acid Plants
• Metallurgical Plants
• Power Generation
• Power Boilers