Die Lubricants

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Ashland Chemicals (http://www.ashland.com)


  • High performance, water or oil-based lubricant systems containing carefully selected and prepared compositions developed for forging and casting of ferrous or non-ferrous metals.
  • Designed for better release and metal flow or on presses where metal movement is severe, such as extrude type operations.


Forging, wire drawing, extruding, and other metal forming operations rely on lubricants to provide the utmost in product quality. Lubricants are particularly effective for warm or hot precision forging operations. They are used extensively to reduce costs and increase productivity when forging plain carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel, hot forging of ferrous metals on presses, casting aluminum, magnesium or zinc, or for lubrication to plungers and sleeves during aluminum cold chamber die casting operations.

Features and Benefits

  • Extended die and tool life
  • Fewer rejected parts
  • Control of die temperatures through adjustment of dilution ratios
  • Good protection of shot tips and sleeves
  • Formulated to assure excellent lubricity and efficient die filling while providing a smoke free, more profitable shop operation
  • Prevent buildup
  • Enhance metal flow and improve surface cosmetics
  • Minimize any solder conditions
  • Improved surface wetting and decreased cycle times
  • Improve metal fill