Cast Steel Shot and Grit

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Shot is a sphere-shaped form of steel casting, manufactured by pouring a molten mixture of premium grade steel scrap and selected alloys through a series of water jets. On contact with the water, the molten metal is atomised, forming round particles in a controlled range of sizes. These particles then fall into a water tank, are dried, screened by size, quenched and tempered in a unique heat treatment process.

Grit is made by crushing hardened shot, screening the resulting media and tempering it to a desired hardness.


Both can be used as a blast cleaning media to remove various forms of surface contamination from a broad spectrum of steel or foundry products.

As a cutting medium, hard grit is used in gang-saws to process granite and marble blocks.

The angular form of grit also makes it ideal for etching a textured surface on metal - thus enhancing its ability to bond paint, enamel, rubber or other coatings.

Shot can also be mixed with a suitable bonding agent such as cement in applications here high mass to volume ratio is required such as in ship, crane or bridge ballast, security walls, radiation shieldin, wear resistant flooring, or vibration and noise suppression.

Features and Benefits

  • Meets the requirements of SAE J444 and AMS 2431

Peening shot is available in hardness ranges which include:

  • 827 specifications: 40 - 51 Rc special hardness for peening and blast cleaning in the range 40 - 65 H Rc is available. A minimum range of 7 points Rockwell C is required for any special product.


  • Aerospace Material Specification AMS 2431 /1b 45 - 52 H Rc
  • Aerospace Material Specification AMS 2431 /2b 55 - 62 H Rc

Available in four levels of hardness - graded as S, L, M and H Hardness - and a range of ten different screening sizes - the smallest will all pass a no. 50 screen and largest will all pass a no. 7 screen.