Ceramic Fibre Refractories

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Morgan Thermal Ceramics (http://www.morganthermalcerami...)



Flexible insulating material of reasonably determinate dimensions available in a wide range of roll widths, temperature and density compositions.


A prefabricated unit which can be applied as a lining block to the inner face of a furnace structure, featuring a wide variety of compositions, attachment anchoring systems and construction designs.


Thin sheet products, including millboard, paper and felt. Paper is a roll product produced on conventional papermaking equipment, while felt is a pressed product.


A complete line is available to cover an entire temperature range, in a wide array of thickness and size specifications, and can be supplied treated with special hardening agents, organic free, and/or with both faces machined smooth for closer thickness tolerances.

Bulk Wool

Bulk fibers serve as the foundation for most refractory papers and felts, boards, shapes, textiles, high temperature adhesives and bondables.


Ceramic fiber products available as cloth, tape, rope, tubing and sewing thread that can withstand temperatures from 1000° F to 2500° F.


Incinerators, Process Heaters, Furnaces, Combustion Chambers, Laboratory Ovens, Kilns and Boilers - Typical applications include:

  • High temperature insulation
  • Stress relief
  • Linings, seals, gaskets, parting agents, and general repairs
  • Asbestos replacement
  • Investment cast molds
  • High temperature curtains, gloves, mittens, aprons, thermal insulation blankets, welding blankets.

Features and Benefits

Highly versatile products that are lightweight, have low thermal conductivities, low heat storage, excellent resistance to thermal shock, and can be handled and fabricated into a wide variety of engineered systems.