Molten Metal Filters

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Morgan Thermal Ceramics (http://www.morganthermalcerami...)


  • Mullite-based ceramic material with a dense network of perfectly round cells to withstand thermal shock and extreme pouring temperatures.
  • The cellular design also provides an engineered balance between flow rate and strength.
  • Available in a broad range of standard sizes or, on request, custom engineered and built to suit your requirements.
  • Engineered qualities to suit steel, iron and non-ferrous applications.


These filters are used in foundries to capture various types of inclusions (both exogenous and indigenous) from metallic melts. Exogenous inclusions are mainly refractory particles from the furnace, ladle or sand mold, or occluded particles from primary and secondary ingots. Indigenous inclusions are oxides and compounds formed by chemical reactions in the melts.

Features and Benefits

  • Significantly reduces casting scrap ratio by means of removing inclusions and gas porosity, reducing surface defects, and improving pressure tightness.
  • Generates non-turbulent flow of metal into castings.
  • Results in outstanding machinability, an improved surface finish, greater yields and reduced foundry operating costs.