O2 Measurement

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  • Equipment that makes oxygen reading no more complicated than taking the bath temperature with an immersion thermocouple.
  • The oxygen probe is pushed into the end of a conventional lance holder and manually thrust through the slag into the molten metal.
  • Electrical signals from the probe are transmitted to electronic analysis equipment where the result can be displayed or printed out.


  • Chemistry control of steel grades, cast iron, copper.
  • Carbon determination.
  • Production of difficult grades.
  • Prediction of magnesium content for consistently. producing compacted graphite and ductile irons.
  • Accurate treatment of ladle refining slags.
  • Increased knowledge of alloy efficiency and fade.
  • Control of slag reduction practices.

Features and Benefits

Instant and accurate determination of oxygen measurement helps to assure precise chemical control, boosts production efficiency, reduces consumption of expensive additives, achieves consistently higher quality product and reduces per-ton operating costs.