Pouring Tubes, Cups, Strainer Cores

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Tubes are manufactured from specially formulated ceramic bodies. They are white and free of iron sulfide. Compositions are available for special applications and tubes can be manufactured from mullite, fireclay or fused silica.

Cups are designed with a flat side inlet to avoid a vortex/swirl effect that may suck excess air into the mold during the pour.


The applications for the products shown in this section are wide and varied. For specific applications, please contact one of our technical sales people for assistance

Features and Benefits


  • Are non-eroding.
  • Assure slag free passage of metal to mold cavity without contamination and without reaction to metal.
  • Ends are precision made for a sure fit.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes.


  • No vortex / anti-swirl.
  • Minimize inclusions.
  • Faster feed rates.