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Preheats scrap charge to uniform temperature prior to melting to maximize energy efficiency, re-entraining solids and incinerating combustibles (such as oil and grease) found in scrap to remove potential pollutants, and thoroughly removing moisture before melting to increase safety.


Used in iron, brass, aluminum melt shops that are charging with scrap.

Features and Benefits

  • Permits the use of inexpensive, non-cleaned scrap, reducing the need for costly pollution control systems, increasing furnace throughput and lowering total energy costs.
  • Preheater removes a high percentage of dirt, grease, and other impurities from scrap, significantly improving metal quality.
  • Slag formation is reduced by separating sand and dirt from charge material.
  • Energy released by burning pollutants contributes to preheating.
  • Can reduce energy costs by more than 10% per ton of molten metal, compared to direct cold charging devices.