Primary Foundry Aluminum Ingots

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Foundation for the manufacture of aluminum products worldwide. Bauxite is aluminum's principal raw material which is refined into alumina using a chemical process.

Alloys currently
produced or in stock
100'1 A-356'2 S 535'2
150'1 A356'2 P0506 A
176'1 F356'2 P1020 A
319'2 443'2 P0610 A
C-355'2 514'2  

Alcoa Aluminum Ingot is available in 35 lb. sizes, steel banded in palletized and self -palletized bundles weighing 2000 lbs.

All Primary Aluminum Ingots are  stamped with a heat number and grade classification.


Customers worldwide are found primarily in the packaging, transportation (including aerospace, automotive, rail and shipping), building and industrial markets with a great variety of fabricated and finished products. Engineered products include aluminum extrusions, forgings, castings and wire, rod and bar. Forgings and casting products include aluminum forged wheels for passenger automobiles, sport utility vehicles and light trucks and wheels for the Class 8 heavy-duty truck industry.

Features and Benefits

Aluminum's diverse characteristics, particularly its lightweight, recyclability and flexibility for package designs, are significant factors in many markets. Aluminum competes with materials such as steel, plastic and glass in a wide range of applications and product types.