Riser Sleeves

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Morgan Thermal Ceramics (http://www.morganthermalcerami...)


Available in both tapered insertable and cylindrical styles, made from exothermic and/or low density insulating materials bonded with resin.


Cylindrical riser sleeves are designed to be rammed up in the mold as it is produced. Insertable sleeves can also be rammed up in the mold as it is produced, however their dimensional accuracy and design makes them equally suited to be inserted into a sleeve print cavity in the mold after it is made. Insertable sleeves can be used in a variety of molding applications including high and low production green sand, shell, and even permanent molding. Their surface smoothness and dimensional accuracy allow them to be used with automatic core setting equipment in high production molding.

Features and Benefits

  • Provide dimensional accuracy, low gas evolution, excellent strength and uniform chemical composition.
  • The accuracy and consistency provide the user with more flexibility of design and use
  • Their excellent strength helps reduce breakage during handling and molding
  • Exothermic sleeves improve casting yields by allowing the use of smaller risers compared to sand risers