Specialty Refractories

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Fire protection systems

Complete cost effective systems, ready to use as received.

Pumpables, Moldables, Coatings and Mixes

Ready to use insulating putties and mixes made from ceramic fibre, silica binders and fillers, air-setting ceramic fibre cement, rigidizers and other special coatings for surface application to other refractory products.

Microporous Insulation

A very high thermal efficiency material for applications where space and weight are critical factors.

Kiln Furniture

Slabs, supports, beams for building various custom structures to hold and support ceramic products during kiln firing.

Specialized Shapes

For a wide variety of applications.


Typical applications for each include:

  • Fire protection systems, Air ducts, Cable trays, Emergency conduits, Grease ducts, Plastic Pipes, Marine vessels and platforms, Fire training.
  • Moldable products - patching refractory cracks, penetration seals
  • Cement - for use in joining ceramic fibre products to each other
  • Rigidizers and coatings- used to give ceramic fiber products increased hardness and/or resistance to chemical attack and erosion
  • Kiln Furniture - Porcelain crockery, electric porcelain, sanitary porcelain, wall and floor tile, ceramic tile and grinding wheel industries.

Features and Benefits

  • Very good to excellent thermal shock resistance.
  • Good strength and low thermal conductivity values.
  • Different compositions can be used to produce special characteristics, such as extra high strength or molten metal non-wettability.
  • Many have no organic binders and will not smoke or off-gas during initial heat-up.