Temperature/Thermal Analysis Instrumentation

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Thermocouple devices, immersed in molten metal via lances or sampling cups, send electronic readings to advanced analysis equipment and computers to determine details of metal chemistry using cooling curve analysis, which is based on characteristics of equilibrium changes that take place as various stages of solidification occur. Differences in the resultant equilibrium diagrams can be used to predict chemical and mineral content of various alloys.


Used in steel mills, or ferrous and non-ferrous foundries for metallurgical analysis and process control.

Features and Benefits

  • Quick readings that can save operator time and reduce costs.
  • Error messages clearly displayed to inform the operator of any abnormal condition.
  • Permits accurate carbon and other metallurgical chemistry adjustments before molds are poured.
  • Many systems offer Data and Curve Storage, Grade Selectable Programming, SPC graphs for all measured and user variables such as bath temperature and degrees C.
  • Many systems can be interfaced with the shop's computer system and/or separate SPC logger allowing thermal analysis and bath temperature measurements to be recorded and printed for subsequent SPC analysis and documentation.
  • Most systems can be connected to separate high visibility digital displays, remote light and/or alarm assemblies.