The cyclone shown above was designed and manufactured with platecoils specifically for sulphur service
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Tranter are able to design and manufacture complete assemblies, such as cyclones, utilizing Platecoils.

In the manufacture of cyclones, it is critical that the interior surface be very smooth to ensure that the flow of glue gas is not disrupted by eddies. Centrifugal firce throws entrained droplets to the outside heated wall, where they drop down the wall to be collected on the bottom. This cyclone was designed and manufactured with platecoils for sulphur service.


  • Used with steam or liquid media - cold or hot water, hot oil, or refrigerants.

Typical applications include:

  • Jacketed Vessels
  • Drum Warmers
  • Clamp-on units
  • Bayonet Heaters
  • Immersion Heaters
  • Bank-in-tanks
  • Cryogenic Shrouds
  • Centrifuge tubs
  • Mixer Baffles
  • Fluidized Bed Banks
  • Freeze Drying Banks
  • Heat Recovery Banks
  • Steam Pans
  • Snopans
  • Food processing Banks
  • Hot oil caps
  • Hundreds more

Features and Benefits

  • High internal flow velocities provide effective transfer rates.
  • May be constructed as flat, bent or rolled, as immersion heaters, banked for tanks, clamp-on panels, jacketed or other tank and vessel components, or a wide variety of other configurations.