Shell and Tube

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A series of internal tubes carry one medium, while the outside casing, or shell, contains another. Heat is transferred between the two. Pre-engineered components allow for a variety of combinations of materials, shell sizes, tube layouts and nozzles sizes and orientations that fit your specific application.


  • To heat or cool oil, water, chemical or hydrocarbon fluids, electrolyte, condensate, brine, boiler blowdown, hydraulic oils/fluids, turbine and compressor oils/fluids, process fluids, or condensing process steam or vapor.
  • Used for auxiliary machinery, turbine engines, refrigeration machines, compressors, auxiliary generator drives, pump or blower drives, and lasers.

Features and Benefits

  • Removable tube types allow for easy repair or cleaning.
  • Allows for differential thermal expansion between the shell and the tubes, and sometimes between individual tubes.
  • Provides multi-tube pass arrangements.
  • Special tube or shell materials allow for high corrosion or chemical resistance.