Biomass, Wood Fired & Solid Fuel Fired Energy Systems



Sigma Thermal is a leader in providing modern Bio Mass-fired energy systems and related equipment to the forest products industry. Providing complete package systems including: Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Installation services, Supplies, and Equipment service, backed by decades of energy experience in the forest industry.

The Sigma Thermal furnace is the most effective design for complete combustion of waste materials with low heating value, high moisture content, and high ash content. Our design allows for finite combustion control, minimizing emissions and utilizing a large range of different waste fuels, with varying characteristics (i.e. chemical composition, fuel size, and moisture content).



  • Wood Fired Thermal Oil Heating Systems
  • Pelletizing - Wood Pellets
  • Laminating Press
  • Multi-Opening Press
  • Continuous Press
  • Multi-Zone Dryer
  • Log Thawing Pond
  • Building/Plant Heat - Make Up Air
  • Steam Generator
  • Various Heat Exchangers
  • Tank Heating