Water-Glycol Heating Systems

Water - Glycol Heating Systems
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Due to its superior thermophysical properties, water is an ideal heat transfer medium. Closed loop liquid phase hot water or glycol solution systems are an excellent choice for indirect process heating up to approximately 300F. Because the water is used in a closed loop with no direct feedwater source, heaters are typically built to ASME Section VIII and do not require a licensed boiler operator. Heaters can be built to ASME Section I when required.

HC1 - Single Helical Coil Configuration: 2 Passes of flue gas along coil surface

  • Conservative single coil design offers sturdy reliability at a lower cost than the HC‐2.
  • Fuel Source Flexibility : Standard or engineered burner configurations for use with both traditional and alternative fuel sources. BACT burners available to meet all emission requirements. (i.e. Low NOx)
  • Vertical Up-Fired, Vertical Down-Fired, or Horizontal Configuration.
  • Capacities available from 500,000 to 40MM Btu/hr.

HC2 - Double Helical Coil Configuration: Three passes of flue gas along conservatively designed surface

  • Base efficiencies can exceed 88% (LHV Basis), and with an optional economizer can exceed 93% (LHV basis).
  • Flue gasses are significantly cooled eliminating the need for most internal shell insulation: Minimal long term maintenance concerns.
  • Vertical Up-Fired, Vertical Down-Fired, or Horizontal Configurations
  • Capacities available from 500,000 to 75MM Btu/hr

Engineered Water - Glycol Heaters

Engineered water or glycol heaters can be custom designed by Sigma Thermal to meet unique specifications.

Dirty fuels, bio‐mass fuels, and API‐560 requirements are all reasons to think about a custom engineered heater design. Our engineers have years of experience in designing custom thermal fluid heaters using water or glycol to meet very specific application requirements.