Burner Management Systems + Control Systems

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Coen Company Inc. (http://www.coen.com)


The Coen Burner Management Systems provides maximum reliability, flexibility and safety. The systems are designed to meet national and international standards and regulations. Systems are designed for fail-safe operation. For those critical applications using power to open and power to close concept systems, security and safety is optimized by custom designed approaches which permit the operator full control under abnormal conditions.


  • Steam generation systems for industrial, utility, shipboard, and petrochemical plants
  • Co-generation, incinerators, and petrochemical systems
  • Solid fuels, Kilns, and pyro-processing systems
  • Flame scanners
  • Burner management systems
  • Liquid fuel handling systems

Features and Benefits

  • Multiple processor optional redundancy at common and/or burner level
  • Error Detection Control Modules (EDCM), for fault detection and transfer to backup processor
  • Redundant power supply and power distribution
  • Solid State OPTO isolated I/O modules with dual LED indicators
  • Clock calendar for messages
  • Self diagnostics
  • Customized interactive operator-oriented CRT, insert panels, printers, and alphanumeric display
  • Efficient modular design for quick online replacement
  • Plug-in amplifiers for UV or IR scanners
  • Industry Standard Bus
  • No Multiplexing
  • Programs in non-volatile memory
  • Customized, understandable software documents
  • Customized panels to meet different application needs
  • Manufactured with proven hardware of established reliability