Digitally Smart Flame Scanners

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Coen iScan is a new scanner product that integrates the scanner and signal processor into one package. Powerful, but user-friendly Windows-based software. System status, individual burner status and flame signal data are always at your fingertips.

  • System Display Screen:
    • All digital adjustment and extensive diagnostic display
    • Information on burner history and current status
    • Handles any number of burners
    • Eliminates lights, pushbuttons meters and other hardware.
  • Burner Display Screen:
    • "Self Learning" simplifies adjustments for sensitivity, flicker frequency, and threshold.
    • Gain and threshold limits easily adjusted on screen for each burner.
    • Flame and flicker frequency status shown for each burner.
    • Flame on icon readily visible.
    • Automatic Gain adjustment
  • Flame Display Screen:
    • Complete history of flame characteristics
    • Easily adjust flame response for each fuel
    • Discriminate one flame from others


Used as part of a burner management system, to monitor flame activity when firing gas or oil.

Features and Benefits

  • Engineered for safe, reliable operation.
  • Easily replaceable by user.
  • Backwards compatibility with older equipment makes upgrading existing systems simple and inexpensive.