Low NOx Burners for OTSG's


Years of experience in industrial/utility markets has led to the development of a multitude of low NOx burner techniques unmatched on the traditional boiler markets. Whether for a new boiler application or a retrofit, we can provide the low NOx technique most economical for your installation, while maintaining emission levels of NOx, CO, hydrocarbons, and particulates.


For low NOx applications on single or multiple burner units, burner retrofits and new installations needing to meet low NOx emissions limit below 9ppm, firetube and small industrial watertube boiler applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Meets CCME and Alberta lowest emission guidelines with “BACT” Best Available Control Technology.
  • Emission results are guaranteed.
  • Minimum start up time.
  • Long-term dependable, safe, operation.
  • Particulates will typically be well below the EPA required.
  • Designed to meet all of your NOx emission requirements and are “FRR” Future Regulatory Ready.
  • Wider stability limits to accommodate real world applications.