Produced Water Evaporators/Concentrators

Inproheat SubCom submerged combustion produced water evaporator demonstration system
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Inproheat Industries (Outside USA)
Logic Energy Solutions (USA) (http://www.logicenergysolution...)


Inproheat Industries and Logic Energy Solutions have partnered to serve the produced water treatment needs of the unconventional natural gas extraction industry. Treating and disposing of produced water, or flowback water, from natural gas well sites in North America is a costly part of production, especially when the well sites are remote. Inproheat and Logic Energy Solutions have developed a process that will efficiently reduce the quantity of produced water to be treated by over 95% and make 95% of the produced water reusable for fracturing or wash-down.

The logical solution in produced water management


  • Produced water from oil & gas wells and from coal bed methane wells.
  • Flowback water from hydraulic fracturing.

Features and Benefits

Save on Disposal Costs

  • Only 5%, or less, of the volume of produced water remains after treatment in the SubCom. This translates to a 95% reduction in trucking and disposal costs.

Save on Additional Process Costs

  • No pre-treatment of the solution is required because there are no heat transfer surfaces to plug or foul; the heat is conveyed via gas bubbles dispersed directly through the liquid-to-be-heated.

Recover Clean Water for Reuse

  • The evaporated water can be condensed and reused for fracturing, wash-down, or other processes onsite.

Save on Fuel Costs

  • 99% of the heat energy is used to evaporate the water, making SubCom systems extremely efficient. And the systems are as efficient on day 10,000 as they are on day one because there are no heat transfer surfaces to foul and reduce heat transfer efficiency.

Save on Maintenance Costs

  • The systems are low maintenance because there are few wearable parts and there are no heat transfer surfaces to plug, foul or corrode.

Save on Manpower Costs

  • No operator certification is required because SubCom is not a pressure vessel, and the systems are simple, as this 30 second video on our dedicated SubCom website illustrates.

Be Safe

  • SubCom systems are inherently safe because the combustion process is completely contained by inflammable liquid, and the exhaust gases exit at near ambient liquid temperature. Exhaust temperatures are typically 200°F to 300°F (100°C to 150°C) less than boiler systems.