Ceramic Fibre Board

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Morgan Thermal Ceramics (http://www.morganthermalcerami...)


A complete line of insulating boards is available to cover an entire temperature range. In addition to being available in a wide array of thicknesses and sizes, boards can be supplied treated with special hardening agents, or supplied organic free. Some boards can even be supplied with both faces machined smooth for closer thickness tolerances.


Used as back-up insulation in applications such as electrolytic pots, carbon-bake furnaces, holding furnaces, re-melt furnaces, de-gassing and filtration furnaces, homogenizing furnaces,flue and chimney linings, gas tank well and port neck insulation, hot-face lining, furnace door linings.

Features and Benefits

  • Strong, rigid and easily handled
  • Excellent insulating performance
  • Can be custom designed for a broad range of uses
  • Many types have non-organic binders, eliminating smoke or off-gas during heat-up