Gunning, Ramming and Plastic Materials

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Gunning castables are versions of high temperature refractory castables modified in ways that allow them to be effectively placed using pneumatic guns as illustrated at right. Some grades are dual purpose allowing both casting and gunning without any change.

Similarly, ramming castables are versions modified such that they can be hand rammed into place as illustrated in the picture below. Plastics and ramming mixes are virtually the same type of refractory, made with either calcined clay or magnesite chrome systems. Both products are rammed into place, but plastics are usually applied as slices ready for ramming, while ramming mixes are supplied in granular form.


Used primarily for their thermal insulating properties, these refractory materials can be found as backup insulation in many foundry melting furnaces and holding furnaces, as well as in a number of petrochemical applications.

A ramming mix is preferred where higher resistance to erosion is required because it can be rammed to a higher density.

Features and Benefits

  • Forms jointless monolithic linings which are air tight and gas tight - reducing fuel costs.
  • Design freedom - can be built to conform to any contour - flat, irregular or curved surfaces are quickly and easily covered.
  • Because it is monolithic, the surface has improved resistance to erosion and deterioration compared to brick.
  • Less thermal condictivity with monolithic linings.