Mineral Wool Blanket

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Morgan Thermal Ceramics (http://www.morganthermalcerami...)


  • High Density Semi-Refractory Felt
  • Non-load-bearing, it is a selected blend of high density mineral fibre with a resin binder which also does not contain any asbestos.


  • Recommended for maximum hot surface temperature applications to 1900° F one side (enclosed panel only) per ASTM C356 and C411. If used above 1400° F, vibrations may cause degradation of the insulation.
  • Performs effectively over a wide range of uses, especially when replacing mineral wool block and calcium silicate insulation in high heat ovens, furnaces, precipitators, firedoor cores, and many other similar installations.
  • Not for use in load-bearing situations or against direct flame.

Features and Benefits

  • Economical, High performance insulation
  • Provides high temperature insulating properties with excellent workability and easy application.
  • Does not contain asbestos