Mineral Wool Board


Morgan Thermal Ceramics (http://www.morganthermalcerami...)


  • Composed of mineral fibre and selected mineral additives.
  • An organic binder is used for low temperature handling boards while an inorganic binder system allows many of the high temperature boards to be used at service temperatures up to a maximum of 1900°F.


  • A superior substrate for fabric and vinyl covered wall panels, office dividers and tackboards.
  • An excellent core for chalkboards, stoveboards, and other such applications.
  • High temperature boards are widely used in applications on precipitators, dryers, ducts and breeching, utility boilers, furnaces, kilns, etc. where high temperature materials are required.
  • Not to be subject to direct flame impingement as a hot face material.

Features and Benefits

  • Outstanding resilience, excellent machinability, high "K" factor, heavy density and exceptional surface hardness.
  • Laminates easily with various finish materials such as vinyl, fabrics and steel.
  • Readily accepts water or solvent based adhesives.
  • Provides high strength and excellent workability.