Ladles, Ladle Bowls

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Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and features which include:

  • Rated capacities of 85 lbs to 25,400 lbs (iron) or 45 lbs to 42,500 lbs (steel)
  • Open or covered
  • Straight sides, tapered sides or cylindrical
  • Pouring by manual tilting (by geared wheel or hand shank) or powered (driven by hydraulic fluid or electricity).
  • Differing types of shanks and handles, such as Type 1. (lever), No.2 hand shank, straight or raised fork
  • Single, double or teapot spout
  • Fixed or detachable / square or V-shaped bails
  • Ladle bowls made from silicon carbide available in various sizes for die casting and dip out furnaces


  • Used for molten metal distribution, casting and mold pouring, die casting and dip out applications.
  • Double lips allow pouring either left or right as molds and sprue location may require. Ladles with teapot spouts are used most commonly by steel foundries to pour clean, hot metal through the lower opening of the spout while slag is held back.
  • A few specialized ladles are used for adding alloys into molten metal, such as during inoculation of magnesium in ductile iron treatment, or for the handling and transportation of slag between the pouring floor and dumping pile.

Features and Benefits

Such a wide range of shapes, sizes, and features are available that almost any combination can be created to provide the most suitable solution to your application needs. Please contact us for further information