Dehy Gas/Flare Gas/Non-Condensible Gas/Tail Gas Oxidizers

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Inproheat Industries Ltd. (


Oxidation systems that provide assured thermal destruction.

Options available:

  • Variable heat input for higher efficiency.
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel construction for outdoor use.
  • Heavy duty components for maximum life.


Used in a number of applications where visible exhaust plume and odours from industrial processes are a problem.

  • Gas processing plants
  • Pulp mills
  • Vertical Orientation for indoor installation
  • Horizontal orientation for outdoor rooftop installation

Features and Benefits

Other features and benefits of our thermal oxidizers include:

  • Utilizes lightweight ceramic lining.
  • Rugged construction.
  • Provides immediate and repeatable oxidation temperatures on demand.
  • Low maintenance requirements.
  • Flexible design easily adapts to existing plants.
  • Systems can be custom made to suit any installation. Locations can be specified for:
    • Natural gas inlet
    • Waste gas inlet
    • Control panel