Schroeder Valves - SSD series

SSD step throttles - for consistent pressure reduction



Step throttles are used to reduce the pressure and flow volume of liquid media.

The step throttles are used in nominal widths ranging from DN20 to DN500, in pressure steps up to PN640 and up to a permissible media temperature of 400°C. The throttle housings are normally made of 1.0460 (C22.8) steel suitable for pressurised vessels, but can also be made of various types of stainless steel, depending on the medium. The throttles are made of suitable stainless steel.

Configuration takes place in accordance with the AD 2000/EN 13445 regulations. The products are CE-labelled in accordance with the DGR 97/23 EC directive on pressurised devices and a conformity statement is issued. All hazard groups in categories 1 to 4 are included in the certification according to Module H1 (DGR 97/23 EC).