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Tranter’s Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Inproheat Industries Ltd. is a longtime representative of Tranter Inc. in Western Canada. Working as a team, Inproheat Industries Ltd. and Tranter Inc. work to provide new equipment and aftermarket support to customers.

With heat exchangers being a signature Tranter Inc. product, we’re taking a closer look at heat exchangers with special attention to those manufactured and serviced by Tranter Inc.

For this entry, let’s check out Shell and Tube heat exchangers.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers – What are they?

Shell and tube heat exchangers are a group of tubes carrying a medium inside an internal core with a shell casing to carry another medium. Heat transfer takes place between the two areas while specific design elements determine the sizing of shells, the layout of tubing, nozzle sizing and material combinations based on the intended outcome.

How are Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers used?

You will find shell and tube heat exchangers most commonly in machinery that is auxiliary. This includes refrigeration machines, turbine engines, auxiliary generator drives, lasers, and blower drives or pump drives.

Furthermore, shell and tube heat exchangers also heat and cool materials. These materials include condensing process steam, condensing process vapor, turbine, compressor oils/fluids, process fluids, boiler blowdown, condensate, hydraulic oils/fluids, electrolyte, hydrocarbon or chemical fluids, water, or oil.

What are the Features and Benefits of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers?

  • Multi-tube pass arrangements are available.
  • Varying degrees of thermal expansion function between individual tubes or between the tubes and the shell.
  • Corrosion resistance and chemical resistance are provided by specific materials in the shell and tube components.
  • The tubes are easily removable, allowing easy cleaning and repairs when necessary.

For more information on shell and tube heat exchangers, including those manufactured by Tranter Inc., contact us.