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Chemical Pumps

Inproheat Industries - Chemical Pumps


Inproheat Industries offers KSB-designed chemical pumps – used primarily in chemical and petro-chemical industries.

Chemical pumps are known for their rugged design that is equipped to handle extreme variants in temperature, pressure, and ultimately the fluid that they are containing.


Resistant Design

In order to easily handle fluids that can be potentially volatile, the areas of chemical pumps that come in contact with their fluids are usually designed with metallic or non-metallic properties that resist corrosion. For further resistance, they are safeguarded by a surface coating that is typically made of enamel, plastic or rubber with similar protective qualities.

Shaft Seal Versatility

Chemical pumps use shaft seals to stop any of the pump fluid from existing the unit while in an operating mode or passive mode. The versatility of mechanical shaft seal options can see them as being single or double with hydrodynamic seals being popular in painting environments. Chemical pumps can also exist without seals with magnetic coupling or canned motor variants as replacement options.

Multi-Style and Stage Customizations

Chemical pumps have specific options available for style and stage. Besides horizontal and vertical style installations, they can also integrated with tanks in a submersible design. Where stages are concerned, most chemical pumps are single stage but can also have two stages if needed.


Chemical pumps are commonly found in chemical and petrochemical industries along with food processing applications. They are also integrated with high temperature heating systems and used at refinery off-sites.

Other specific applications that use chemical pumps include: Tank Farms, Industrial Systems, Viscous Media, Organic and Inorganic Chemicals, Condensate Transport, Paint Shops, Coal Upgrading, and Product Transfer and Shipping.