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SubCom® Liquid Heating Solutions

Inproheat Industries - SubCom® Liquid Heating Solutions

Direct Contact Heat Exchanger Solutions

SubCom®’s robust heat transfer capabilities have taken on the toughest operating conditions and set a new standard for direct contact liquid heating solutions.

Low emissions burners, reduced maintenance costs, durable construction and short payback periods that lead to unparalleled efficiency that can approach 100% make SubCom® an excellent choice for direct contact process liquid heating.

Submerged combustion will outperform other heating methods especially in dirty and corrosive conditions where direct contact heating greatly improves performance.

Liquid Heating Industry Focus

The benefits of SubCom® in a liquid heating application make it the best direct contact heating method for challenging liquids and slurry streams.

SubCom® also excels in the heating of dense slurries. With no fluid passages to plug with solids or heating surfaces to scale over, it is a heating technology that is intrinsically efficient. That efficiency is further optimized by the turbulent action of gas sparging, which keeps solids suspended in the liquid and increases overall heat transfer rate and efficiency.


The mining industry offers significant opportunities to demonstrate the power of SubCom® liquid heating solutions due to the breadth of projects available.

Key mining applications for SubCom® include:

  • Copper, gold and other heap leach lixiviants
  • SX/EW solutions
  • Mine waste water
  • Brine solutions for potash, lithium and other salt process solutions
  • Iron ore concentrate slurries for pelletizing process
  • Calcium chloride and copper sulphate concentration
  • Ore and concentrate slurries
  • Agitated tank leach heating
  • Reagent mixing water
  • Utility water

Natural Gas

The continued growth of the natural gas industry has made the liquid heating technology offered by SubCom® a welcome and sought-after component within this sector.

The most common SubCom® applications in natural gas are:

  • Frack water heating
  • LNG vaporization
  • Produced water heating for water treatment

Oil Sands

SubCom® is highly-respected for its liquid heating efficiency for clients who are operating projects in the oil sands.

Notable SubCom® liquid heating applications in oil sands environments include:

  • Oil sand slurry hydrotransport
  • Recycle water

Waste Water

SubCom® liquid heating solutions are efficient in waste water applications that feature pond treatment, treatment tanks, and pasteurization.

A few of our specific SubCom® waste water project applications are:

  • Sludge pasteurization
  • Effluent holding and treatment ponds
  • Aerobic and anaerobic treatment tanks
  • Water pond freeze prevention


Beyond the aforementioned industry applications, liquid heating solutions from SubCom® are also valuable in several unique project environments such as:

  • Acid baths
  • Aggregate wash plants
  • Carpet and fabric manufacturing
  • Plywood and veneer log ponds and conditioning chests
  • Industrial process solutions
  • Evaporation pond performance enhancement

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