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Smoke Dog Afterburners

Inproheat Industries - Smoke Dog Afterburners


Inproheat Industries is pleased to offer Smoke Dog Afterburners, a thermal oxidizer that is designed specifically for roasters. 

Smoke Dog afterburners remove all visible smoke and odor produced through roasting, which offers roasters a clear environmental and economical advantage in the roasting process. The Smoke Dog is a proven afterburner engineered with Inproheat’s tradition of providing custom, low maintenance, and long-lasting products of exceptional quality.

The afterburners exist in five different models:

  • Artisan Smoke Dogs are vertical units that handle roasts of 1KG to 6KG.
  • Artisan XL Smoke Dogs are horizontal units that handle 5KG to 12KG roasts. 
  • Standard Smoke Dogs are horizontal or vertical installations that are equipped for roasts between 10KG and 25KG.
  • Large Smoke Dogs have the same options as the Standard models but handle 25KG to 120KG roasts.
  • GreenCycle Smoke Dogs boast the lowest operational cost because they are equipped with a heat recovery bank that offers exhaust-based pre-heating.  

You can learn more about The Smoke Dog in the videos below.


Robust Steel Design Options

Choose from Durable Epoxy Painted Steel or 304 Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel.

Meets Industry Certifications and Emissions Regulations

Smoke Dog afterburners are CSA and UL Certified. Some models are CE Approved. They are also designed to exceed California Low NOx emissions requirements.

Simple Operation

Smoke Dogs are offer a low maintenance operation and are designed to last for years without hassle.


Smoke Dog afterburners are specifically designed for coffee roasters, nut roasters, fish smokers, and wood-fired baking. Through the various models available, they are adaptable to all major airborne waste streams. 

This allows roasters to have complete confidence in the quality of the Smoke Dog afterburner and keep the focus on the continued growth and excellence of their product.


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