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Spiral Heat Exchangers

Inproheat Industries - Spiral Heat Exchangers


Inproheat is proud to offer spiral heat exchangers designed by Nexson. 

Spiral heat exchangers are unique for their symmetric single-passage channel systems which are created by surrounding a central core with pairs of welded metal strips. 

The single channel environment of the spiral heat exchanger allows one device to be used for heating or cooling and simplified integration across many applications. 

Spiral heat exchangers boast a high efficiency of heat transfer with a minimal footprint, simplified maintenance and a significant energy cost savings. 


Low Turbulence and Strong Turn-Down Radio

Due to the design of its flow channels, turbulence is reduced on the spiral heat exchanger while its turn-down ratio is high.

High Durability

Common pitfalls like foiling, blockage, and leakage do not apply to spiral heat exchangers because their intuitive designs allow the unit to essentially protect and clean itself. As such, they are well-equipped for handling flow media that is especially challenging.

Cost and Space Saving

The minimalist design of the spiral heat exchanger simplifies installations and reduces costs in the process.


Spiral heat exchangers are commonly used for projects involving liquids and slurries as well as those involving condensation and evaporation. 

For liquids and slurries, spiral heat exchangers provide: 

  • Single-channel design
  • Self-cleaning benefits
  • Low risks of fouling or blockage
  • Easy access provides reliability for handling challenging liquids and slurries. 

For condensation and evaporation, the spiral heat exchanger offers:

  • Counter-current or co-current flow arrangement options for applications with necessary pressure-drop or a mix of each for applications involving minimal pressure-drop and sub-cooled condensate. 
  • The ability to act as a directly-welded condenser, which saves costs and adds convenience.

Key industries for the spiral heat exchanger include: 

  • Oil and gas
  • Chemical and petrochemical
  • Mining
  • Pulp and paper
  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Food production.