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Environmental Statement

Our Environmental Philosophy

Environmental sustainability evolves from a steadfast commitment to understanding, innovation, allies, and value.

One of the foremost challenges in the industrial sector is to adhere to ever-changing environmental regulations without sacrificing competitive cost and efficiency. 

At Inproheat, we believe that environmental responsibility starts with recognizing and understanding current environmental challenges.

From there, we must apply this knowledge to a cycle of continuous innovation that maintains peak efficiency and environmental responsibility.

By leading from a place of knowledge and commitment, Inproheat can partner with other forward-thinking companies who share this philosophy and lead together. 

The legacy of Inproheat’s environmental philosophy lives on in two respects:

  • Our clients will receive solutions that are wholly effective and meet or exceed all current environmental guidelines.
  • It allows the contributions that Inproheat Industries makes to represent positive change in an industry that has always been defined by innovation.

Our Environmental Practices

In keeping with our environmental philosophy, Inproheat believes in developing innovative technology that meets or exceeds environmental standards. 

This is demonstrated by Inproheat’s two most influential in-house creations: 

SubCom®: A common industrial challenge is heating large volumes of water or aqueous solutions through combustion efficiently, while also ensuring that the thermal heating process emits the lowest amount of CO2 possible. 

A proprietary technology with over four decades of success, SubCom® has proven to be a robust combustion process capable of heating large volumes of industrial liquid solutions at a much higher thermal efficiencies in excess of 15% over traditional methods.

Used in industrial liquid heating and evaporation applications across the oil and gas, mining, LNG, food production, wastewater treatment, and chemical industries, SubCom® is fuel-efficient and reliable, with reduced greenhouse gas emissions and without the demands of stationary engineering staff – the combination of which delivers faster Capex recovery from lower fuel and operating costs.

Commercial Afterburners: For over 30 years, Inproheat has provided pollution control equipment to reduce harmful greenhouse gases, visible smoke, and odor caused by industrial processes in applications ranging from oil and gas to food production.

With the current technological emphasis on decarbonization, Inproheat has launched a new line of commercial afterburners with a recuperative focus. These standard units reduce fuel consumption of afterburners by 60% to 65%. For smaller projects, Inproheat has successfully deployed diverter dampers on new and existing equipment that has reduced fuel consumption by 40% to 50%.

Designed with the same expertise and quality as Inproheat’s large-scale industrial projects, the commercial afterburners raise the bar on responsible roasting and are CSA and UL Certified and are designed to exceed California Low NOx emissions requirements.

Outside of Inproheat’s proprietary and in-house projects, we make it a priority to align with other industry partners who share our values and are actively taking steps forward toward responsible and innovative environmental practices. 

Our Environmental Pledge

As a family-owned business with over 60 years of company history, Inproheat Industries Ltd. has lived through the decades of change within the industrial sector and the new environmental priorities that lie ahead.

Looking forward, Inproheat intends to follow these principles as part of its environmental pledge:  

  • Continue to act as leaders for innovation and change through the development of equipment that makes industry operate more efficiently, with lower emissions and operating costs. 
  • Continuously innovate ways to lower our carbon footprint and explore alternate fuel sources such as hydrogen and biofuels through our proprietary SubCom® equipment. 
  • Remain up to date on current environmental trends and regulations and ensure that our products or manufacturing contributions on large-scale projects comply or exceed these.
  • Pursue relevant environmental licenses and certifications to stay at the forefront of environmental innovation in our industry. 
  • Maintain a highly ethical and transparent approach in our environmental practices. 
  • Encourage continuous improvement and innovation from our industry partners.