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Cast Steel Shot and Grit

sacks of cast steel shot and grit for abrasive cleaning and profiling


Inproheat Industries offers cast steel shot and grit (AMASTEEL) created by Ervin Industries.

Normally in the shape of sphere, a steel shot is created by streaming molten alloy steel through a water jet. The water contact causes the steel to atomize, creating particles that are then dried and tempered through a specific heating process.

When a cast shot has been crushed, it can be screened and brought to a specific hardness, thus making it into its harder variant, grit. 


Meets Relevant Industry Requirements

Cast steel shot and grit supplied by Inproheat Industries will meet the necessary SAE Recommended Practice J444 and AMS 2431 requirements.

Multiple Hardness Levels and Screening Sizes

Cast steel shot and grit can be purchased according to different levels of hardness (S, L, M, H) and screening sizes ranging from no. 120 screen to no. 7 screen.

Shots for Peening and Blast Cleaning Available

Shot specifically for peening are also available according to J827 hardness range specifications of 40 – 51 Rc and 40 – 65 H Rc as well as Aerospace Material Specifications of AMS 2431 1b 45 – 52 H Rc and 2b 55 – 62 H Rc.


Cast steel shot and grit can assist in the removal of contamination on steel and foundry product surfaces. 

Shot can specifically be combined with cement or similar bonding agents for projects that require an elevated ratio of mass to volume. Examples of these applications include security walls, ships, bridges, cranes, radiation shields or flooring that is wear-resistant. 

Grit’s distinct shape makes it a popular choice for engraving a texture onto metal, because it can easily bond with coatings such as paint or rubber.  Grit can also assist in the processing of blocks made out of marble and granite from the process of sawing. 


Ervin Industries

S.A.E. Specifications for Shot and Grit Screenings