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Laser Plate Heat Exchangers

Inproheat Indutries - Laser Plate Heat Exchanger


Inproheat proudly offers laser plate heat exchangers designed by Omega Thermo Products. 

Laser plate heat exchangers are unique for their customization options that allow them to serve as replacements or for completely new projects.

The technology behind their designs enhances the overall performance of the heat exchange process along with providing the application with added durability.


Laser plate heat exchangers come in several different forms with a range of flexible design and customization options available. The primary types are detailed here:

Bayonet Heaters

Most commonly installed on a tank’s side entry point, bayonet heaters offer strong circulation of of the application’s heating fluid. They are most appropriate in applications that utilize recirculation and necessitate automated temperature control.

Immersion Plates

Immersion plates offer different combinations and flexible customizations to match size and thickness requirements along with nozzle and handle specifications.

Plate Bank Assemblies

Plate banks are flexibly-designed systems that utilize several heat exchanger plates. These are most effective in application environments that require appropriate heating or cooling that would otherwise not be possible with a single plate system.

Single Embossed Assemblies

These units are designed for flat surface direct heating or cooling. They are applicable to diverse industries, but they are mostly found on projects that use conveyors, table tops, and shelf dryers.

Custom Assemblies

In addition to the featured laser plate heat exchangers, custom assembly units are also available. These are based on the unique needs of each client and the specific applications at hand.

Clamp-On Plates

Clamp-on plates are integrated with tanks that are either already in use or are new by creating cooling or heating using the exterior of the unit. As the plates are not in proximity to the substance contained in the unit, there is no risk of contact.

Tank Components

Tank components such as fabricated or flat tank jackets are also available for use with units for many applications. These jackets work to prevent leaks while offering reduced flow rates and greater heat transfer.


Laser plate heat exchangers are effective in a variety of industries and applications.

In the food and beverage industry, they are used in applications relating to dairy, beer, wine, spirits, beverage, chocolate, and seafood.

Beyond this, they are also commonly used in the chemical industry, in the pharmaceutical industry, and in HVACR applications.


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