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Inside TEMA India: Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Benefits and Industrial Applications

We’re continuing our look inside the product line of our valued partner TEMA India to study their shell and tube heat exchanger product lines.

In our last post, we reviewed how shell and tube heat exchangers worked and the different shell and tube models offered by TEMA India.

This time, we’re going to discuss some of the main benefits of using shell and tube heat exchangers, the TEMA India difference, and which TEMA India models are best-suited to primary industry applications.

The Benefits of Using Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Shell and tube heat exchangers offer some key benefits.

When compared to plate heat exchangers:

  • Shell and tube heat exchangers are better-equipped to handle demanding pressure and higher temperature environments.
  • Shell and tube heat exchangers have a lesser likelihood of corrosion failure.
  • Shell and tube heat exchangers have a robust design, which allows for greater durability and an increased lifespan.

They also have notable maintenance advantages:

  • Shell and tube heat exchangers have a build that lends itself to simplified maintenance, increased safety, and overall trouble-free operations.
  • The design of shell and tube heat exchangers allow leaks to be quickly identified and protected from the rest of the unit.
  • Fluid leaks in specific tubes of shell and tube heat exchangers can be prevented by having a secondary tubal layer around the primary tube.

These benefits help shell and tube heat exchangers stand out as solutions for unique project applications.

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The TEMA India Difference

Shell and tube heat exchangers that offer a reduced cost and a higher amount of efficiency are appealing to any end customer for their industrial application. With TEMA India, the Added Steel Screw Plug is central to both arguments of creating a product with a competitive cost and higher efficiency.

This video elaborates on the specific value of TEMA India’s Added Steel Screw Plug.

Lowering Cost, Raising Efficiency:

Some prime unique differences offered by TEMA India shell and tube heat exchangers are highlighted by the distinct advantages from their most popular model – the Screw Plug Heat Exchanger.

Safeguarding against Bell-Mouthing through its Added Steel Ring (TM) Technology for its Screw Plug Heat Exchanger models. This ring protects the unit’s threaded area, a more effective approach than alternatives like using welding to connect two channel barrel sections together for added thickness.

Another unique advantage is that the channel barrel itself on its screw plug heat exchangers has a stronger finish on its surface and is optimized for a kamprofile gasket, which allows for increased torque. Conventional models often have channel barrels that are only optimized for spiral-wound gaskets.

In addition, added protection is given to the tube bundle, a central component. Extensive care is taken at the design stage to foster proper alignment and placement – all for the purposes of reducing vibrations and making it long-lasting and low-maintenance.

Further to this, the Screw Plug Heat Exchanger can be customized at the design stage between two different models – the Hi-Hi or the Hi-Lo, which are tube-bundle removable or shell removable – based on the specific needs of the intended application. Lastly, besides the design and construction that are done by TEMA India, all of the materials involved in the construction are also made by TEMA India.

The following video from TEMA India offers an in-depth examination of each of these advantages:

All of these qualities reinforce how TEMA stands out from its peers through its approach to complete shell and tube heat exchanger construction that is customized for specific project needs.

Industrial Applications of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers from TEMA India

With their high efficiency rate, TEMA India shell and tube heat exchangers carry a strong appeal across a large variety of applications, especially those that involve the transfer of significant amounts of gas or fluid through a cooling or heating process.

Overall, the most popular industries for shell and tube heat exchangers are power generation, pharmaceutical, refrigeration, petrochemicals, marine, metals, oil and gas, mining, pulp and paper, specialty chemicals, compressor cooling, and compressor cooling.

Let’s look at some specific industrial applications where you’ll commonly find TEMA India shell and tube heat exchangers:

Power Plants and Refineries:

The Screw Plug (Breech Lock Type) Heat Exchanger from TEMA India is a great choice for this sector, especially in refineries and hydrotreating or hydrocracking plants that feature crude oil desulphurization.

TEMA India’s Feedwater Heater Exchanger is also found at power plants, where it can recover turbine extraction steam heat and preheat water intended for steam generating boilers.

Lastly, the heat transfer co-efficient capabilities of TEMA India’s Helixchanger model makes it an ideal option for refineries thanks to the reduced pressure drops and its lower heat transfer area.


TEMA India’s Surface Condenser Exchanger’s steam condensing features make them useful in power plants – especially larger systems – but they are also ideal for refrigeration applications.

Gas and Boilers:

In gas-to-gas types of applications, you’ll often see the Rod Baffle shell and tube heat exchanger from TEMA India.

Gas turbines and applications that utilize both power and heat will likely turn to TEMA India’s Waste Heat Boiler Heat exchanger.

Which TEMA India Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger is right for you?

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