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Flare Systems

Inproheat Industries - Flare Systems


Inproheat Industries offers dynamic flare system solutions designed by John Zink Hamworthy Combustion. 

Each flare system is designed for optimum efficiency, economic savings, and durability.


The primary flare systems offered by Inproheat Industries are described as follows:

Multi-Point Ground Flares

This low radiation flare system offers high capacity smokeless flames, strong efficiency in combustion, and construction that specifically reduces the effect on any nearby areas.

Steam-Assisted Flares

Offers optimal low-impact and high capacity smokeless flares through the use of Steamizer XP technology. Designed to reduce noise effects, these systems also operate with a reduced level of steam (30%) versus standard methods to remove smoke.

Enclosed Ground Flares

These flare solutions remove waste gases and offer smokeless and reduced noise operations with no flames that can be seen. Existing in enclosed surroundings utilizing John Zink Hamworthy’s highly-regarded wind fence structure, these systems are optimized to meet the demands of each unique client’s application.

Demountable Flare Structures

These low-impact structures boast powerful efficiency and streamlined versatility in how flares are handled. Advantages include demounting capabilities and simplified flare management.

Pressure-Assisted Flares

Unique their class for offering the least radiation and the largest smokeless operation, these systems are designed for facilitated mounting, operate at low noise levels, and also boast a turndown capabilities that are unlimited.

Air-Assisted Flares

These smokeless flare systems avoid high costs and do not use steam. Depending on the project needs, they integrate proprietary John Zink Hamworthy technologies and are suitable for both multi-flare and first-stage flare environments.

Liquid Flares

The innovative systems offer the minimal radiation, reduced smoke, and quiet operation that is standard for John Zink Hamworthy-designed flares, but with the added convenience of portability thereby reducing transportation costs of traditional systems.


Flare systems are most commonly used across the petrochemical and oil and gas industries, especially on applications involving plants, pipelines, refineries, and LNG projects.


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