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About Inproheat


Since its inception in 1958, Inproheat Industries Ltd. has followed a set of fundamental guidelines in its approach to professional relationships, projects, and responsibilities as  a company at large:

  • Inproheat believes in conducting our business with transparency and integrity.
  • Inproheat strives to provide our valued customers with advice that is qualified by direct and applicable experience through all of our respective disciplines.
  • Inproheat affirms that these customers should be provided with a level of service that is in equal parts – absolute, consistent, and cost-effective. 
  • Inproheat wants to maintain our continued recognition as a leader in our fields of experience.
  • Inproheat will continue to embrace strategies, tools and technologies that demonstrate the innovation and efficiency needed to help us remain current and in how we conduct our business.
  • Inproheat shall treat all with respect.




Industrial Process Heat Engineering Ltd. was founded on November 12, 1958 by Eric Panz, ING. An Austrian-trained engineer, Eric began his Canadian career in the early 1950s working as an engineer for H.A. Simons in Vancouver. After seven years at Simons, he decided to form his own company – specializing in heat, thermal-process, combustion heating technologies and applications.

Eric’s inventive work in the area of submerged combustion (SubCom®) proved to be the most enduring and defining accomplishment of his career. A proprietary and patented direct evaporation and liquid heating solutions technology anchored by unparalleled efficiency and environmental responsibility, SubCom® direct fired heaters became the catalyst for the company’s industry-wide respect and recognition. SubCom® direct fired heaters have a wide range of applications in industries including: pulp and paper, forest, mining, Potash, production Water, waste water foundry, gas, and petroleum projects in Canada, Chile, Mexico, USA. and Europe.

Eric’s brother, Gus, joined the company in 1960, and brought his expertise with industrial pumps, heating equipment and the foundry industry – leading to an applied materials group of products like blast-cleaning supplies, forging and foundry supplies, abrasive profiling supplies refractory and metallurgical products, alloys, furnaces, and high-temperature refractory materials for the Western Canadian foundry industry.

After further expansion and a corporate reorganization completed in 1980, Industrial Process Heat Engineering Ltd. evolved into its current name – Inproheat Industries Ltd.

In 1982, Steve Panz, P.Eng, son of Eric Panz, joined Inproheat in its engineering side – which builds and supplies Submerged Combustion (SubCom®) direct fired heaters as well as Low NOx equipment, industrial pumps and burners, heat exchangers, heat-recovery steam generators, direct-steam injection heaters, thermal fluid systems, engineered fired heaters, gaseous incineration technologies and other industrial heating equipment.

Now led Steve Panz as its current President, Inproheat has 6 Canadian locations, a Washington state location, and an international project reach. As always the core of our business is our experienced staff. We continue to provide unmatched customer support and service that runs parallel to the dynamic changes underway as our chosen industries continue to evolve.

Inproheat Industries - About Us
Inproheat Industries - About Us
Inproheat Industries - About Us
Inproheat Industries - About Us
Inproheat Industries - About Us
Inproheat Industries - About Us


Inproheat Industries Ltd. maintains its pedigree of excellence as both an innovative builder and a trusted outside sales supplier. Since day one, its equal emphasis on developing strong industry partner relationships and genuinely addressing the needs of every customer has never wavered.

Among Inproheat’s most active industries served are:

  • Evaporative
  • Forestry
  • Gas and Petroleum
  • Heavy oil SAGD
  • Institutional laundry
  • Liquefied Natural Gas Vaporization
  • Mining
  • Pulp and paper
  • Sludge pasteurization
  • Steel and Foundry
  • Swimming pool heating (large)
  • Waste-water Vaporization

In 2018, the company celebrated the milestone of providing its customers with ‘Excellence and Service’ for over 60 years with a continuing to listen, lead, solve, and repeat in all of its industry dealings.

Through decades of knowledge and experience to go along with principled industry partner relationships, Inproheat continues to act under its defining principle – “people helping people” – a trademark that will continue to anchor its foundation for years to come.

Environmental Health and Safety and Certifications

Professional Practice Management Plan
In compliance with Engineers and Geoscientists of BC requirements under The Professional Governance Act.


Inproheat Industries Ltd is Class A (Guideline BRC-7025) Boiler Contractor Licensed.


Inproheat Industries Ltd. is an QAS International ISO 9001:2015 Registered Company.




Inproheat develops the first industrial natural gas conversion in Canada at St. Paul’s Hospital.


Inproheat develops the first biomass fired suspension burner in North America with Coen Company.


Inproheat launches its proprietary SubCom® technology, dramatically changing the efficiency and commercial landscape of natural gas projects.


BC Export Awards – Finalist


Canada’s Energy Efficiency Awards – Honourable Mention


BC Export Awards – Finalist


BC Export Awards – Finalist


BC Export Awards – Finalist


Foresight ARCTIC Challenge Finalist


ISO-9001 Certification


Inproheat Opens Toronto Office


Inproheat opens its first USA location in Ferndale, Washington.


The Inproheat Services Group launches to support for Canadian Energy Systems and Engineered Materials customers.


Inproheat becomes Class A (Guideline BRC-7025) Boiler Contractor Licensed.


Inproheat receives permit to practice authorization from The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of the Province of British Columbia.