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Boiler Modernization Projects

Inproheat Industries - Boiler Modernization Projects


Boiler modernization projects through John Zink’s Coen Burner Division offers turnkey solutions that take existing boiler installations and upgrade them to comply with current standards.

When successfully completed, a modernized boiler will offer greatly improved process efficiencies while reducing both maintenance costs and greenhouse gas emissions. In an industry age where cost efficiency and environmental responsibility go hand in hand, modernization is a necessity to keep boilers current and efficient.


Cost Reduction

Boiler modernization projects are cost-effective because the resulting upgrade carries a reduced operating cost.

Emissions Reduction

Boiler modernization brings with it a reduction in NOx emissions. Projects are done according to current regulations, so you can be assured that a new boiler will adhere to the necessary standards.

Improved Efficiency and Maintenance

Turndown capabilities will be improved on an upgraded boiler while maintenance becomes simpler and more cost-effective as a result of the modernization process.


The boilers that are best-suited to our boiler modernization projects are field-erected boilers, package boilers, and steam flood heater burners. Please contact us for more information about whether your boiler can benefit from modernization.


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