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Plate and Shell Heat Exchangers

Inproheat Industries - Supermax (Plate and Shell) Heat Exchangers


Inproheat Industries offers Tranter Supermax® plate and shell heat exchanger. 

The Supermax® heat exchanger from Tranter is an innovative fusion of the standalone shell and tube and plate models. Significantly smaller than the traditional shell and tube heat exchanger, the Supermax® integrates that model’s robust shell design, but combines it with a plate pack. 

Supermax® heat exchangers are available in four variations:

  • Standard: Featuring a pressure vessel that is welded to the unit. 
  • Removable Core: Featuring a gasket separating the plate back and the shell with a cover plate that is removable and makes for easier cleaning.
  • Two-in-One: Featuring a shell that is shared between two distinct plate packs, allowing for fluid variations where necessary and greater flow rate control.
  • Multi-pass: Featuring two plate packs and an integrated flow director, allowing numerous passes between plate and shell sides. 


Much Smaller Size

Supermax heat exchangers are approximately one-third the size of a traditional shell and tube heat exchanger.

High Safety for Chemical Transfer

The platepack of the Supermax is ASME-rated and the shell is an ASME pressure vessel, which makes the unit much safer for the heat transfer of lethal chemicals.

Simpler Installation and Maintenance

Due to its size, the Supermax heat exchanger is both easier to install and easier to clean.

Greater Efficiency

The size and design of the supermax increases its efficiency rate vs. a traditional shell and tube heat exchanger.


Plate and shell heat exchangers like the Supermax are best-used in high pressure, high temperature, and high cycling applications.

They are commonly found in industries like refineries, chemical plants, power plants, petro-chemical plants, and steam.